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Types of readings I specialize in and offer

Love & Relationships 

"Why do I keep attracting the wrong kinds of relationships?"


I can show you who and what you are most attracted to and why, what are deal breakers that you shouldn't force yourself into putting up with, and how to seek out the most positive qualities in a partner. You love the fun, artsy types but hate their tendencies towards negative forms of escapism? Love a partner who takes charge but hate controlling psychopaths? Order a love focused reading with me, and we can look at alternative qualities that your chart specifically points out that you should direct yourself towards when seeking out ideal partners!

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"Is this the right person for me?"

SYNASTRY is the study of relationships between people using astrology. I can take an in depth look at the strengths and weaknesses within the energy exchange between you and another person. I also look at the 2 people as individuals and how you view love and relationships as individuals. What areas are challenges vs. smooth sailing? Order a Synastry reading and I will gladly help you find the answers. **Birth information of both parties will be needed.**

CLICK HERE to order a personalized synastry reading!

Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

"Why don't I have any luck with career?"


I can help you to see your true life's purpose and destiny....and it may surprise you at times what your chart shows versus what society or family has been telling you. You could be someone who isn't cut out to be a doctor or stare at a cubicle all day. Order a reading and I can help you to find your true areas of happiness when it comes to career and show you that there are many options for you since we are multi layered beings! 

CLICK HERE to order a personalized career reading!

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

"When will it be my time to...."  "When are my hard times going to end?"

The universe / cosmos are speaking to us 24/7. Planets & stars are energies that transform every second of the day, creating cycles and patterns which show up for us humans as life events. Astrology is the measurement of these cycles and patterns. By looking at your birth chart compared to the current cosmic trends, I can let you know when would be the most ideal times to act upon making certain life events happen in ways that would benefit you the most. These are called planetary transits. You still have your own free will as a human to decide when and how to act and react, the transit forecasts can just give you an advance notice of whether it will be storming or sunny when you choose to step out of that door.  Will you need an umbrella or to dress lightly? The power of decision making can be enhanced with an in depth transits reading!

CLICK HERE to order a personalized transits forecast!

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 


"What does my astrological birth chart really say about me?"

Order a General Reading and I will take a look at your astrological birth chart and give an analysis of what makes you a unique individual! What are your strongest, most desireable qualities? What are the qualities that may need a little work? How can you best use all of your energies? A short review of each area of life will be explained in detail: love, career, communication, etc., as well as what current influences from the cosmos are affecting you the most and how to manifest from them in the most beneficial ways. Exact birth time being provided will give the most detailed analysis, however, great details can still be provided without it.

CLICK HERE to order a personalized general chart reading! 

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