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      Readings Offered

Please read before placing an order:

All readings that are currently being offered are through personal video & YouTube link ONLY. Please submit the following info along with your PayPal payment, or by going to the CONTACT page on this site or by emailing me directly at your exact birth time if available, birth date including year (in MM/DD/YYYY format (USA) ) and city/state/country of birth. If a reading involving more than 1 person is being ordered, birth data for all parties will be needed. For Solar Returns: please provide the City & State/Country of your most recent and/or upcoming birthday.

A confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address you provide.

Video link & MP4 & MP3 can be emailed to the email address you provide upon completion. Video is private and only you can view it, unless you share the link with another person. MP4 & MP3 downloads delivered via & must be downloaded within 7 days.

*Unless otherwise discussed, indicated and CONFIRMED, please allow a MINIMUM of 2 weeks from payment date for delivery in order to get a thorough, in depth view.


***All readings are done in complete confidentiality. A client provided NDA can be signed for high profile clients upon request***

Natal Chart = $200


A detailed yet general analysis of your astrological profile & what your birth chart says about you! Personality reading only, not love, career or horoscope. Exact birth date, time and place are needed. *If time not available an accurate reading can still be given. MP3 audio & YouTube link provided. Minimum of 1hr recording.

Synastry (Relationship) Reading w/Horoscope & Multi Charts = $300


*Birth data -including TIME - will be needed for both individuals.* A 60-90 min in depth look at the energy exchange between 2 people. Individual needs within a relationship and needs / areas to work on / strengths as a couple are reviewed using multiple charts, as well as horoscopes for both. MP3 audio & YouTube link provided. Minimum of 1.5hr recording


Individual Dating Profile(SINGLES) = $250

An in depth, detailed analysis of your potential within relationships as an individual, who you attract

& who you are attracted to & what your needs are in order to be happy with another person. Horoscope/relationship timing advisement also given. MP3 audio & YouTube link provided. Minimum of 1hr recording. 

Career/Life Purpose Reading =


An in depth, detailed analysis focused on career & life purpose, includes horoscope w/pinpointed dates. What is your ideal work environment  and job like? What kinds of jobs/careers can make you the most money? When are opportunities coming to me? ​MP3 audio &YouTube link  provided. Minimum of 1hr recording

Solar Return Reading = $200

Analysis of your Solar Return Chart, highlighting the most important themes & areas of focus from one birthday to the next. *PLEASE PROVIDE CITY/STATE/COUNTRY MOST RECENT BDAY WAS/WILL BE SPENT IN!* 

MP3 audio file & YouTube link provided. Minimum of 1hr recording




My astrological guidance services are in no way a replacement for seeing a medical or mental health professional to treat, diagnose or cure any physical or mental ailment. Astrological guidance does not 100% guarantee any results or outcomes or replace free will.

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