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Full Moon in Pisces LIVE Chat & Horoscopes!

September 06, 2017

Let's chat about this full moon in the sign of PISCES! It's my natal moon sign so you know I'm excited to! Horoscopes & cards for all signs plus Q & A!

7:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm Eastern 

The Oracle Speaks Teleconference Presents: Empowering Yourself Through Astrology!

August 27, 2017

Join me and Goddess Guru Tirra Omilade on 8/27/17 at 5pm PST / 7pm CST as we take you on a spiritual journey through astrology and how to apply it to your everyday life! How can you track and keep up with the "cosmic weather" and planetary shifts? What are the most important parts of your natal chart to look at? We will give some simplified tips on the basics as well as talk about the effects of the recent eclipses and Mercury Retrograde!

Dial-in Number: 712-775-7031

Access Code: 482-643-417

Online Meeting ID: 482-643-417

Check out Tirra's YouTube channel where she gives very empowering spiritual guidance!

Best site for beginners to view and learn about their birth charts:

Solar Eclipse Chat & Live Horoscopes!

August 22, 2017

Join me LIVE on my YouTube channel August 22, 2017 at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern to talk about the Solar Eclipse in Leo that occurred August 21, 2017! Now that the hype has died down about viewing the physical event, what are the lingering effects of this phenomenal celestial event based on the zodiac signs (Sun,Ascendant & Moon)? Find out as I will be giving horoscopes for each sign! 

If you miss me LIVE be sure to click the same link to see the replay with time stamps in the comments for every sign!

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