Cosmic Homegirl - Intuitive Astrologer

April  a.k.a Cosmic Homegirl - intuitive astrologer, energy reader, cosmic weather & news reporter. Bringing understanding of one another, our unique differences & of the self to the masses. A fascination with astrology for over 20 years, passionately studying birth charts and giving in depth readings since 2010. Giving fresh, new modern day perspectives while still holding true to the precious knowledge passed on from the ancients. A firm believer in the lessons of the Age of Aquarius: that we are all so unique but so much alike at the same time; that differences need to be respected and celebrated.

Psychic/intuitive abilities I've had since birth include prophetic dreams and an extra sensitivity to others' energy. By looking a photo, I can tell alot about the personality of an individual. If a description is given to me about a person or if I'm around them or hear them speak for at least 5 min, I can tell you what their astrological birth chart looks like. By looking at a chart, the person's life and personality come to life in front of me like a movie. All of these abilities that I possess I believe to have been blessed with to be able to help others see their lives and life in general in a different light <3 Giving readings and knowing that they were helpful brings great joy to my heart and soul!

Self love and self knowledge are highly encouraged in my readings. I help you discover your strengths, and find other areas to direct energies which can be used in unfavorable ways. There is no magic, no crystal ball, no turban or accent (although I do love accents!). Just a soul helping and communicating with another beautiful soul on a real and honest level.

Your birth chart is a blueprint, and human experience and your environment fill in the rest of the structure that is you. It is a map, and if you get lost, I can be your GPS and help navigate through the cosmic weather <3

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My astrological guidance services are in no way a replacement for seeing a medical or mental health professional to treat, diagnose or cure any physical or mental ailment. Astrological guidance does not 100% guarantee any results or outcomes or replace free will.