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Cosmic Homegirl - Intuitive Astrologer

April  a.k.a Cosmic Homegirl - intuitive astrologer, tarot reader, cosmic weather & news reporter. Bringing understanding of one another, our unique differences & of the self to the masses. A fascination with astrology for over 20 years, passionately studying birth charts and giving in depth readings since 2010.

I have studied under & partnered with great astrologers such as Astrolada (Lada Duncheva) & Nadiya Shah, and tarot under various intuitive readers such as Natalia Coleman (Angel Lady). I've advised various celebrities, social media influencers & entrepreneurs on their journeys to success in business and love.

My presentation is a fresh modern day perspective while still holding true to the precious knowledge passed on from the ancients. A firm believer in the lessons of the Age of Aquarius: that we are all so unique but so much alike at the same time; that differences need to be respected and celebrated.

Psychic/intuitive abilities I've had since birth include prophetic dreams and an extra sensitivity to others' energy. If a description is given to me about a person or if I'm around them or hear them speak for at least 5 min, I can tell you what their astrological birth chart looks like. By looking at a chart, the person's life and personality come to life in front of me like a movie. All of these abilities that I possess I believe to have been blessed with to be able to help others see their lives and life in general in a different light <3 Giving readings and knowing that they were helpful brings great joy to my heart and soul!

Self love and self knowledge are highly encouraged in my readings. I help you discover your strengths, and find other areas to direct energies which can be used in unfavorable ways. There is no magic, no crystal ball, no turban. Just a soul helping and communicating with another beautiful soul on a real and honest level.

Your birth chart is a blueprint, and human experience and your environment fill in the rest of the structure that is you. It is a map, and if you get lost, I can be your GPS and help navigate through the cosmic weather <3

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My astrological guidance services are in no way a replacement for seeing a medical or mental health professional to treat, diagnose or cure any physical or mental ailment. Astrological guidance does not 100% guarantee any results or outcomes or replace free will.

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